Furniture as a key element of design

The journey to individually designed and custom-made interior fittings usually begins with equally as individual design drafts. Here, the imagination knows no bounds. Yet it is precisely the implementation of these design ideas into the production of exclusive furniture that is particularly important.


The requirements for purpose and service life of furniture are as different as they are essential. Is it a prototype that is perhaps only intended to make basic form or functionality easy to understand? Or is it a high-quality singular piece, a true one of a kind. Is it a trade show piece of equipment that may have fulfilled its purpose after the span of a week? Or a hotel facility intended to give guests and operators alike long term delight? The interaction of materials and surfaces, the feel, the color, but the precise and qualitative production as well. This builds the basis for successful implementation of a plan into tangible furniture. From the mood board to the authentic mood.

The desire for individual interior design emerges within our clients for numerous reasons. Mainly concerning various work environments. But the need for individuality in the private sector is growing as well. For instance

  • Shop-fitting
  • POS and POP equipment
  • Shop furnishings
  • Office furnishings
  • Gastronomy furnishings
  • Hotel furnishings
  • Areas of medical care
  • Representational areas
  • Private living spaces


We have many years of experience and the corresponding qualifications to be this partner for you. Our exceptional design competence enables us to fulfil your expectations when it comes to design and aesthetics. At the same time, we also satisfy the purpose, functionality, and budget expectations of your design concept. Furniture making involves traditional craftsmanship as well. With respect to the materials, and a “touch” for the substances used. Especially when processing wood, even if being used for a larger production series. This skilled craftsmanship and passion for our work are reflected in the quality of our furniture.

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