Industrial Safety

Focus on Employee Protection – in the direct interest of all

The objective? To protect the lives and health of employees in their professional activities.

Not only do humane working conditions and high safety standards ensure this objective, they also help to reduce operational and economic damage and subsequent costs. It is therefore not only legal requirements that are fulfilled by occupational health and safety measures. 


Prevention, above all, is the modern method of choice. Identifying potential sources of danger. Evaluating these dangers. Taking measures to avoid and inhibit accidents.

This is the foundation of active prevention.


The legal requirements oblige employers to enlist a safety specialist, and to meet prevention times.

Outsourcing a specialist will not only save you the time internally required for direct and preventive tasks — you will also be spared of the costs of basic training, continuous advanced training, technical literature, and other teaching materials.

“We” are your Safety Specialists

Our trained specialists advise and support you as an employer.

On issues and matters concerning work safety – including accident prevention.

Along with fulfilling your obligations in these areas.

The Employee Protection Act (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz – AschG) and the Workplace Ordinance (Arbeitsstättenverordnung – AStV) provide more on these topics.

Other core issues regarding Prevention Times:

  • Consultation on matters of occupational safety and humane work design
    • Employees
    • Health and Safety Officers
    • Employee Representatives
  • Inspection of workplaces, construction sites, and external workplaces
  • Participation of inspections of the same by the Labour Inspectorate
  • Identification and investigation of the causes of occupational accidents – at work, and work related
  • Illnesses
  • Evaluation of these investigations and studies
  • Determination and assessment of hazards according to occupational health and safety regulations
    • Establishing measures
    • Documentation in the safety and health protection record
    • Review of adjustments
  • Operations within the (central) occupational safety committee

Tasks where safety specialists must be called, in accordance with the legal regulations:

  • In all inquiries of work safety, including accident prevention 
  • Planning of workplaces
  • Procurement or modification of work equipment
  • Introduction or modification of working procedures
  • Introduction of working materials
  • Selection and testing of personal protective equipment
  • Ergonomic design of workplaces and workflows
  • Organization of fire protection and evacuation measures
  • Identification and assessment of hazards
  • Establishing measures for risk prevention
  • Administrative procedures or contact to authorities (ZAI)

Other services we offer on this topic

  • Instruction on behalf of the employer
    • Available in German and English
  • Preparation of instructional documents
  • Participation in inspections of the same by the Labour Inspectorate
  • Identification and investigation of the causes of occupational accidents – at work and work related
  • Preparation of operating instructions
    • Noise protection
    • Explosion protection
    • Work material maintenance
  • Support in the creation and maintenance of records according to DOK-VO


Our employees have completed the appropriate training for the functions of fire protection supervisor and fire protection officer.

This covers the following topics:

  • Legal regulations
  • Fire safety relevant standards
  • Structural fire protection
  • Technical fire protection


In these special areas of occupational health and safety, we work together with very proficient and experienced partners.

We are happy to organize a contact person upon request.

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