At Infracom360, the handover of a successfully implemented project is only the beginning of an ongoing collaboration.

You can benefit from our various facility management models for maintenance, servicing and repairs.
Moreover, our services are also available to you outside the usual business hours, ranging up to a 24×7 on-call service. As your reliable breakdown or emergency service, we can support you in case of any unexpected events. Seamless and uninterrupted operations in all our clients’ properties is what we aim for.


Strictly speaking, maintenance is a part of servicing. In most cases, it is the most essential factor of technical building management. Other factors include inspection, repair, and measures for improvement.
Maintenance consists of all procedures necessary to maintain the initial condition of objects, systems, or technical equipment, and to maintain functionality during the entire life cycle of any given one.
Often, other definitions are used interchangeably with this term. In whatever way it is defined, in order to efficiently pursue actual main activities, maintaining the performance of your infrastructure is key.

In almost all cases, functional failure means great effort and cost

Either through a direct loss of productivity, loss of sales, downtime, or the commonly more expensive immediate actions.
Maintenance may also be necessary to obtain warranties or guarantees. Especially for technical systems or devices, where these can considerably extend their service life.

We take care of business, so you can concentrate on yours.


The aim of maintenance work is to delay the wear and tear of objects, systems or technical equipment. This includes the prevention of material loss beyond the calculated wear. Maintenance therefore contributes to a significantly longer and less disruptive service life.

We define appropriate maintenance intervals together with you, within a tailored-to-you service package.

Your requests can therefore be incorporated, just like manufacturer specifications and our extensive experience with technical mediums and machines.

Particularly in retail management, the geographical distribution of branches poses special challenges when it comes to servicing them.

Cross-Regional maintenance tours with store optimized services are our specialty.


This means the regular recording of the current state of technical mediums. Through inspections, deviations or changes to any medium’s target state is recognized and analyzed. Ideally, defects are found early enough to return these mediums to their target state as hassle free as possible through the appropriate measures. We carry out a general inspection at all maintenance appointments and pass on any reparatory recommendations to you.


In practice, despite all precautions and foresights, disruptions, damages or impairments will occur. Functionality of defective objects will be restored through suitable and professional repairs. This also includes the replacement of singular components or complete systems.


In the course of repair work, our service technicians always keep an eye out for improvements. Reinforcement here, a different material there, maybe even an additional piece.

All this can improve performance and delay or prevent possible further repairs.

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