Technical Building Management

Individual packages for individual needs

In order to put together a suitable maintenance package for you, we start with a precise assessment of both your needs and the specific requirements of your properties.
Your requests and specifications regarding the scope of services and budget therefore flow directly into the design of your package.


The functions of facility service (especially regarding technical effort) are the same for everyone. The biggest difference is the scope of services required. This is exactly where we offer solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Facility Services without a permanent presence

The biggest challenge in facility management is the varying sizes of the properties to be managed. Of course, it makes a big difference whether a small or medium-sized company is managing a comparably sized property or, for example, a large office complex. Since, compared to a larger property (such as a shopping center), a small or medium-sized property does not require a permanent presence.

At first glance this may seem to be an advantage, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that this poses a number of challenges: how can quality at least be maintained if service personnel are not constantly on-site?

Individual solutions for your service order

In order to successfully manage this balancing act of scope of services, service quality and costs, precisely optimized solutions are required. Flexibility, optimal route planning, sustainable work and complete documentation are just a few of the features needed to sustainably manage and service properties well without a permanent presence.


From our side comes a recommendation of the scope and frequency of maintenance, supported by our long-standing and extensive experience.
Should not all data and details of the installed systems or equipment be available, then a system survey is conducted first.
With the survey we record which systems and devices are in use, which ones require maintenance or inspection, and to what extent. This is not all we do. We also advise you on possible open issues regarding permits or notifications.

Another possible part of your package is built around legally required inspections or maintenance work. Base on this information, we can jointly create a solid maintenance plan. This creates the commercial and technical framework for the individual package that is the perfect fit for you.

  • Determination of your needs and specific requirements
  • Recording of systems and machines
  • Admission procedure if necessary
  • Consultation regarding permits or notifications
  • Identify maintenance and inspection obligations
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Collaborative preparation of maintenance plans
  • Maintenance package suited to your exact needs


We offer an extensive range of technical facility services for your facilities and systems.

This includes, among others

  • Technical machines
  • Heating, ventilation
  • Air conditioning and cooling technology
  • Sanitation, electric systems
  • Doors, windows, lighting
  • Glazing, locks
  • Access systems, alarm systems
  • Floors, walls
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Multimedia components
  • First Aid kit


We will provide you with an experienced project manager for project handling. This gives you a solitary contact for all your concerns who not only possess technical knowledge, but also decision making competency. Decisions and support can therefore be made swiftly and straightforwardly.
The project manager is generously reachable to you beyond that.

Maintenance work that has become necessary beyond the agreed upon scope of services will be, if possible and after consultation, carried out with the following maintenance cycle. These services will be charged, however additional travel costs and special surcharges will be avoided this way. During each of our visits within the maintenance cycle, we carry out quick general inspections. This gives us the opportunity to detect potential problem areas early and to save you from further expenses.

  • Consistent contact partner
  • Technical and decision making competence
  • Generous reachability
  • Avoidance of additional service trips
  • Early detection through regular inspection


We provide you with detailed records of the work performed in a transparent and unbureaucratic manner.

Scope and frequency will be defined together with you.

The data is provided

  • paperless
  • DSGVO compliant
  • hosted by us, within the EU
  • broken down to work certificate or proof of performance


We use an internally developed service tool for the direct exchange of all relevant data with you.
Via the dashboard you always have an up-to-date and transparent overview of all planned and carried out activities.

If desired, it can be customized without additional programming. This also applies to the templates of individual documents.
Via the integrated ticket system, incident or requests for maintenance work can be easily registered.

  • Dashboard
  • Ticket system
  • Access to all relevant information
  • Client specific customization

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