Technical Retail Management

Facility Service for Shops

The execution of facility management and service tasks in the retail trade sometime pose special challenges. At the very least, they will be different than those in an office or company setting. If you operate more than one retail store or even a chain of stores, then these challenges increase as a result of multiplication and distance.


Contractual clauses might also oblige the company, when renting or leasing for example, to maintain or service facilities or equipment.
The technical equipment used is never uniform, and varies from rental property to rental property – from shopping center to shopping center.
We can draw on many years of experience in the servicing of retail partners and branch networks. We have a lot of practice in dealing with the requirements of landlords and managers of shopping centres as well.

This enables us to cover, beyond the scope of services for technical building management, this demand for additional services as well. Our maintenance technicians are trained and have all relevant certifications. As all-rounders, they are permitted to and can carry out work across all trades. They are also installers, and can therefore perform small installation work during maintenance visits.


We can also offer you a free preliminary analysis in the retail sector to round out the assessment of needs when defining your service package.

We visit your store, or a few of your stores, and record the components of your technical equipment with a visual check.


A key element of any maintenance is the correct and appropriate interval. On one hand, this can be set through manufacturer specifications. On the other, it is important to find a reasonable balance between requirements and budget.

This applies all the more to decentralized maintenance tasks across a branch landscape. Especially when large geographical areas need to be covered. We specialize in maintenance tours across retail landscapes in Austria and southern Germany. These areas are already covered by our service technicians.
Benefit from the price advantages that we can pass on to you.


There is a further need for maintenance work in the management of store spaces.

Here we offer services for

  • Portal and mastheads
  • HSW sliding glass systems
  • Retail security
  • Store furniture, POS displays
  • Shop in Shop areas
  • Small electrical appliances, monitors
  • Digital Signage components
  • Electronic price labels
  • Roller shutters, air curtain
  • Stickers and branding
  • Signs, billboards, and outdoor advertising
  • Components for customer counting


We can service or exchange wearing parts, consumable materials, or small parts. Our service vehicles are client-specifically equipped with the most frequently required materials and parts.
This means it is not necessary to store these materials and tie up capital across all your branches.

The data of our internal Service Tool can also be applied to branches. This does not only allow a breakdown of individual sale levels. By assigning different rights, users on different levels can access the data accordingly. Such as overall data, regional data, or branch data.

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