Interior architecture that meets your demands and amazes. Design that pleases and inspires.

These are the basic requirements that every interior architect and designer for modern interior architecture defines for themselves.

In doing so, the architect balances between sophisticated aesthetics and cost-efficient, purpose-oriented feasibility.


Where design demands meet work requirements, this balance becomes more apparent. No one knows this better than our own specialists in interior design and architecture.

They have successfully implemented the modern interior design of commercial spaces, medical areas, or offices for many years.

The special challenge lies within the combination of the most important elements of interior design with optimal workflows.

Nevertheless, our designers never lose sight of the unmistakable signature of the project – the brand identity of our clients. Brand concepts, as well as shop designs provided for or developed by us, are integrated as seamlessly as possible into existing or new shop concepts.

In that sense, we do not see ourselves purely as an interior design firm.

Implementing demanding construction plans and projects

We bring with us a wealth of experience from the implementation of demanding projects such as:

  • Shop fitting
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Gastronomy
  • Hotel industry
  • Areas of medical care
  • Private living areas


We continuously succeed in pouring all relevant interior design themes and the effect on all the senses into an all-encompassing interior concept.

  • Use and coordination of materials
  • Creation of color concepts
  • Selection of appropriate surfaces and the right “feel” of the material
  • Lighting and exposure
  • Room sound and acoustics
  • Consideration of all influencing comfort factors
  • Room climate through appropriate planning of cooling and ventilation
  • Outfitting with furniture, textiles, plants, modern media technology or artwork
  • Creation and adaption of area layouts – from draft to detailed plan
  • Space-creating interior fittings and comprehensive consultation


So that the project doesn’t just stay a concept, important process steps towards implementation are necessary. Under no circumstances should there be an absence of professional project management. Based on years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge – our project managers speak your language. They not only understand their craft, they understand your business too.

We are the right partner for you for…

  • Development of shop concepts, office concepts, and space-creating interior fittings
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Integration of brand concepts into the shop concept
  • Planning of commerically reasonable and efficient implementation with appropriate Value Engineering
  • All necessary planning tasks
  • Support in implementation tasks
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Support in all constructional process steps
  • Implementation of construction plans
  • Client Representation

Get started with us

We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your projects. Take advantage of opportunities that can be achieved through modern and optimally tailored concepts.

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Our goal is to fulfill our commitment. On time, within budget, and to the highest market standards.

Whether you require 360 degree support or only a portion of our services, we use our standardized project management approach across all companies in our group to complete your project to your highest satisfaction.

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