Interior Construction

Structural support in interior construction and redesign of your operating areas

The completion of the conception phase represents another important milestone in your project. From here on out it is all about the implementation.
We are happy to support you with all necessary structural measures. Especially for the design of your retail or office space, as well as in the design of commercially used areas.


We have many years of experience with interior design to look back on. Most notably in the telecommunications, cosmetics, and perfume industries.
Thus we also have a wealth of experience in dealing with luxury brands and a certain demand for premium quality in external appearances.
We are also happy to assist you with the new or re-design of your office space and the corresponding occupancy planning.

Shopbau - Innenarchitektur und Design


There is a multitude of tasks and work to be done when designing interior spaces. All necessary craftsmen and professionals and their diverse requirements need to be coordinated first.

Managing the chronological order and consequently avoiding costly down or waiting times is always a challenge.

We are glad to arrange all involved parties, suppliers and sub-suppliers for you. For all or part of the work, as well as for partners or suppliers you provide.

We support you in interior construction with

  • Drywall, flooring
  • Wall design
  • Furnishing, interior decor and installation
  • HVACR equipment or adaptions
  • Lighting and illumination
  • Fire protection, industrial safety
  • Security systems, retail security, alarm systems, CCTV
  • Digital technology – IT systems, digital signage, electronic price displays, electronic door signs


Attractive interior design in the workplace is an important driver in employee satisfaction and productivity. Whenever you decide to redesign your office space, we are the right partner for you. Both for planning and for the subsequent implementation.

Potential reasons for a new occupancy plan:

  • Relocation
  • Resettlement
  • Expansion
  • Redesign of existing areas
  • Adjustments
  • Modernization measures
  • Concept changes
  • New construction or extension
  • Creating accessibility
  • Organizational changes


Before the actual interior design can take shape, the base plan must be created.

Many requests, specifications, but also possibilities can be incorporated here. Most importantly the operational areas and number of employees, the types of teamwork, and space and budget constraints.

Office Concept

Organizational structures experience frequent or even continuous change. So that you are prepared for those in yours, we develop a tailored mix of office concepts with you and turn it into an appropriate space utilization concept.

Different company structures need individual office concepts:

  • Single office
  • Multi person or group office
  • Combination office
  • Open plan office
  • Shared desk

Functional Areas and Workstations

Optimal use the available space is preceded by an analysis of the functional areas. We define these functional areas with you, such as workstations, archives, IT, storage, conference and meeting rooms, sanitary facilities, social rooms, and your personal space requirements.

The functional and ergonomic design of the individual workstations completes the framework for this plan. Ideally embedded in a fitting work environment. Indoor climate, temperature, exposure, illumination, color scheme, and acoustics are the biggest factors here.

There is also a wide range of standards, guidelines, and legal requirements to be met particularly regarding health and safety.

Let our competent team and trained experts provide you with comprehensive advice.

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We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your projects. Take advantage of opportunities that can be achieved through modern and optimally tailored concepts.

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Our goal is to fulfill our commitment. On time, within budget, and to the highest market standards.

Whether you require 360 degree support or only a portion of our services, we use our standardized project management approach across all companies in our group to complete your project to your highest satisfaction.

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