Shop Design and Branding Concepts

We style brand concepts in effective store designs

Are your planning to create and implement a new room concept for your work environment?

This could be a shop concept for your store of even store chains.
Or maybe the development of a modern office concept. Perhaps you would like to set your restaurant or gastronomy project into action.

Whatever the project may be, we will support you through all phases of the design process.


Regardless whether you have existing concepts, facilities or rooms to fall back on, or whether you are starting a completely new project. Through the decades of experience of our specialists, we can fall back on our extensive Know-How in all areas.

We would be pleased to design your new construction, reconstruction, or adaptation together with you. For example…

  • Shop construction
  • Design Store and Flagship Store
  • Design and expansion of office spaces
  • Gastronomy spaces and equipment
  • Retail space in the health and beauty industries
  • Interior design of hotels and hotel facilities
  • Shop in Shop and POS Displays
  • Showrooms and Pop-up Stores
  • Exhibition and Event architecture


You surely already have some ideas of what you want and what you need. Perhaps there are even clear demands and guidelines concerning your brand concept. But maybe you are still only at the beginning of these considerations.

Together with you, we record all the important information for your project. We collect all existing specifications, and analyze the market and current trends. We deliberate desires and objectives with you.

In the final stages, there is a joint concept briefing and a moodboard, which describe the framework conditions of your concept in detail.


After an extensive survey of the framework conditions, we develop the concept further with you.

An essential component here is the integration of your brand identity.

The link between people, products and brands is indispensable. So what interactions should take place between customers or employees, at the POS or in the office, with your products and work environment?

The following topics are covered in this step of the process:

  • Corporate Identity, Corporate Design and communication
  • Design line or design style
  • Shopping Experience and Experience Economy
  • Staging of products or unique selling points
  • Space, color, material, and surface concepts
  • Lighting and illumination
  • Ambient sound and acoustics
  • Furniture design and selection of suitable amenities
  • Consideration of work areas and their workflows
  • Area calculation of all necessary spaces for customers and employees
  • IT and media technology


We use our proven Value Engineering methods even in the early stages of concept development. The goal: to achieve the highest possible value while maintaining the best possible benefit for the least amount of effort.

The most important questions are: “What do you want to achieve with your project or product?” and “What effect should it have?”. Approaches and suggestions for optimization are then made accordingly. While Value Engineering commonly refers to optimization in new developments, Value Analysis describes the same process for the further development of existing products or methods.


At this point, we are also happy to take over your existing store concept, a given store design, or another room concept from you, and support you in the implementation of this project.

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We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your projects. Take advantage of opportunities that can be achieved through modern and optimally tailored concepts.

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Our goal is to fulfill our commitment. On time, within budget, and to the highest market standards.

Whether you require 360 degree support or only a portion of our services, we use our standardized project management approach across all companies in our group to complete your project to your highest satisfaction.

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