Inspire customers and guests with digital stationary customer information

Digitization is taking on an increasingly important role when it comes to contact with your customers and guests, as initial contact is usually made on the Internet.

86 percent of customers look for products online. Even directly in-store! 68 percent also buy their products online.

It is therefore now more important than ever to bridge the gap between physical and virtual experiences.


We strongly believe that stationary customer contact will retain its importance.

The critical factor being the physical shopping experience. Yet digital functions are becoming increasingly essential. The main challenge here is to make stationary contact points digitally fit in order to offer the advantages of both worlds.


  • Digital presentation of information and offers via stationary Dynamic Signage in stores, restaurants or hotels (Keyword Digital Signage)
  • Synchronise prices with electronic price labelling (electronic shelf labels) across all channels in real-time
  • Make additional customer information available directly at the POS via electronic price tags and digital info displays
  • Create modern conditions for your guests and seminar participants with digital info displays and digital room signage 
  • Use additional optional functions, such as access management (Welcome Manager), hygiene station, and real-time customer frequency anaylsis

The last mile of digitization, i.e. using digital advantages in physical contact with customers and guests, will be a critical factor in the success or failure of a stationary presence.


We believe that digital solutions have to fulfil one thing above all else: make your everyday life easier! That is why we have developed a system that combines minimum complexity with maximum efficiency.

What does this mean for you?

  • Quick, secure, and easy installation and connection to your IT without interfering with your IT infrastructure
  • No additional hardware or software
  • Easy handling
  • Quick and uncomplicated operational support
  • Swift scalability when opening new locations
  • High return on investment


We use Infracom360’s many years of experience to develop high-quality applications fo retail and gastronomy. This enables us to ensure that modern digital solutions are integrated into project concepts right from the start.

We aim to develop individualized digital solutions for retail, gastronomy, and the hotel industry that meet your exact personal demands.

Get started digitally

We would be happy to support you in optimally utilizing digitalization in your stationary business. Take advantage of the opportunities available now from the stationary use of digital customer communication, perfectly tailored to your business.

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Whether you require 360 degree support or only a portion of our services, we use our standardized project management approach across all companies in our group to complete your project to your highest satisfaction.

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