Digital Room Signage

Secure cost and efficiency advantages with smart room signage

With Dynamic Room Signage from Infracom360, you can quickly and reliably keep all information up-to-the-minute for your customers, employees and guests.


Flexibility is key to the efficient use of cost-intensive spatial resources. Necessary equipment, size and accessibility of the rooms are critical factors that determine the success of events and meetings.

With digital room labelling, you can react to necessary changes and adjustments within seconds, and therefore always ensure the optimal allocation of rooms. 

Digitale Raumbeschriftung - Room Signage

Modern Room Signage adjusts room labels automatically

An information event will take place in the foyer in the morning. Then there at noon, the participants of a seminar enjoy their well-deserved break. From the afternoon onwards, the comfortable lounge furniture is available to all customers. Electronic room signage ensure that the correct information is always shown. Fully automated and without time-consuming manual intervention.

Your benefits

  • You wow your customers with up-to-date and clear information
  • You can react quickly, flexibly, and reliably to necessary changes
  • You avoid the time-consuming and costly exchange of paper labels


Reliable customer orientation systems, thanks to digital room signage

You guests and participants can easily find the way to their rooms, as the information provided is current in all designated areas. If a room allocation should ever change, this adjustment is updated exactly where it is necessary for a smooth operation. For example, on large-format information displays in the entrance area, or at intersections.

The changes are made automatically. Time-consuming and error-prone swapping of paper labels is a thing of the past thanks to digital room labelling.

Digitale Beschilderung - Digitale Lösungen


Flexible working environments require flexible information options

Workplace management with digital signs

Today, the modern workplace is anywhere you want to work. That is why more and more flexible workplaces are available in offices and co-working spaces, which can be booked easily online if necessary. Electronic doors signs, in cooperation with modern booking systems, ensure that colleagues and clients always know where they can be met with in person.


Whether through room labelling, customer orientation systems, or workplace designation: merging with digital signage creates excellent contact points to bring information to the attention of target audiences. 

Digitale Lösungen | Digital Signage -

Convey advertising and brand messages in combination with intelligent room and workplace signage

Both flexible eInk displays and large-format monitors offer attention-grabbing ways of placing your messages.

Your benefits

  • Win-win situation through the shared use of high-quality displays for room signage and digital signage 
  • Control of digital room signs and digital signage in one easy-to-use system
  • No additional hardware or software required for common functionality


Infracom’s electric room signage is designed to make your everyday work life easier, while simultaneously increasing the quality of customer information.

Start quickly without infrastructure interference

This is why we have developed Dynamic Room Signage — so that it can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure with minimal effort.

Everything stays the same, only better!

Bookings for meeting rooms and workstations remain unchanged. If you have been using a calendar system such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal, you will continue to do so in the future. The big difference: you no longer have to worry about making certain that the correct information is displayed on the conference room, signposts, or workstations. Room Signage does this automatically and reliably.

You don’t have to learn something new, so you have more time in the future for more important tasks!

Your Benefits

  • Quick start based on preconfigured system solutions
  • No complex integration into existing IT infrastructure necessary
  • Maintenance free! No additional software or server required
  • Easy mounting of the eDisplay room signs
  • Easy integration of existing monitors
  • Comfortable control of room signs via standard calendar systems (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, Apple iCal)
  • Support with the design of your room and workplace signage

Get started digitally

We would be happy to support you in optimally utilizing digitalization in your stationary business. Take advantage of the opportunities available now from the stationary use of digital customer communication, perfectly tailored to your business.

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