Electronic Price Labelling

Digital price tags that inform, convince and sell: Electronic Shelf Labeling from Infracom360 

Simply showing the product price is a thing of the past. Today, electronic price labelling fulfils many functions. The key here is the flexibility that digital signage systems offer in contrast to normal paper price tags.

Elektronsische Preisauszeichnung - Electronic Shelf Labeling


Electronic price labelling opens doors for stationary trading previously reserved for online retail. Extensive product information – including product videos, ratings, and reviews – support decision-making, and thus promote sales.

Your customers can also benefit from this information on-site with digital signage.


Consumers expect a consistent experience regardless through which channel. Electronic price tags make this possible. And you can be certain that the information is always up to speed.

Lightning-fast promotions thanks to digital price labelling

Present omni-channel promotions in your store, too. Electronic price tags link your sales channels by displaying all online promotions directly next to the products on-shelf at lightning speed. This means that limited time offers at the POS can be implemented quickly and easily. As it usually is said: fast wins.

Adjust prices in real-time

Should you want to change prices on short notice in reaction to

  • an offer from a competitor,
  • high stock or
  • ending shelf-life of products,

then this change will be carried out immediately on the electronic price tags.

Electronic Shelf Labeling - Elektronische Preisauszeichnung

Increase your sales with automatic price labelling

Take advantage of opportunities when they arise. For example, putting emphasis on cool drinks when the temperature reaches above 25°C. The adjustment of the digital price label is done automatically.


Until now, implementing price changes at the POS has involved an immense amount of effort. Replacing paper labels results not only in high personnel, printing and transportation costs, but also in environmental pollution and waste. 

Elektronische Preisauszeichnung - Electronic Shelf Labeling

Price updates within minutes

Price changes, which used to take up to 14 days, can be made within minutes with electronic price tags. Regardless if in one location, or all branches.

Optimal use of personnel

Whether it’s the manual exchange of paper price labels or store posters: through digital signage systems you control these processes centrally, and the changes are made automatically. And instead, your staff can focus on tasks with high added value.

Avoid errors

Digital price labelling ensures that the price on the shelf matches the price in the POS system and on your online channels. This saves your customers from troublesome complaints and time-consuming research.


We believe that digital price labelling must fulfil one thing: support you without tying up your resources.

Einfache Bedienung auf einem MacBook mit übersichtlicher Benutzerführung

Plug & Play

Plug in and get started. Installation has to be that simple. We make sure it is, because we think of the effort you put in during development.

  • Simple start-up without interference of your IT infrastructure
  • No additional hardware or software
  • Simple control of branch operations through a secure Cloud solution
  • Swift scalability when opening new locations
  • Remote maintenance via the Cloud

Easy Handling

The clear and intuitive user interface ensure that you can use electronic price labelling without extensive training.

This leaves time for more important things: your customers.


In addition to electronic price labelling, you can also control digital customer communication in a common user interface, such as

  • Large-format digital signage monitors,
  • Digital information displays,
  • Digital room signage and
  • Acoustic customer information.

Important functions such as customer flow management (keyword: COVID19 guidelines) can be implemented just as easily.

Get started digitally

We would be happy to support you in optimally utilizing digitalization in your stationary business. Take advantage of the opportunities available now from the stationary use of digital customer communication, perfectly tailored to your business.

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