Dynamic Signage

Dynamic Signage offers unmistakeable advantages for stationary customer communication

Precise information that can be updated in real-time: that is what digital customer information from Infracom360 stands for. Take advantage of the benefits generated by Dynamic Signage when addressing your customers exactly where they are: in your establishment.


Customers receive information via a wide variety of online media around the clock. These media react dynamically and precisely to the needs of their consumers.

The last mile of digitization

This carefully targeted customer approach is often lost in physical customer information. Dynamic content is not possible in classic communication media, such as paper posters. Dynamic Signage therefore uses dynamic digital labelling to create the link between online channels and stationary business spaces. This way, advantages that have long been established on the Internet are also used in direct contact with your customers.

Modern shopping experience included.

Target Stationary Communication

Customers and guests expect relevant and current information: even in stationary businesses, hotels, or food service establishments.

This is exactly where digital customer communication shows its strength! Dynamic Signage makes it easy to react flexibly to changing conditions and meet current needs. To promote a cool after-work drink on an approaching warm summer evening. To bring the umbrellas into focus when the weather forecasts rain. Or simply to react quickly to the lastet offer of a competitor.

With Dynamic Signage you can create up-to-date information within just minutes, as apposed to several days. Even simultaneously for multiple locations, if necessary.


The challenge in stationary customer contact lies in creating lasting experiences. Dynamic content that relays up-to-the-minute messages that are relevant to target groups is becoming increasingly more important. Dynamic Signage offers the flexibility to operate the appropriate channels of communication.

Dynamic Signage: use new opportunities in real-time

Successful Digital Signage reacts immediately when conditions change. For example, when the number of people reaches a predefine value. Or when offers are adjusted depending on the time of day (keyword “Happy Hour”). With Dynamic Signage, you can always reach your customers with the latest and most interesting content. Regardless whether the change was triggered by the time, or a value supplied by an access management people counter. Control is always simple and intuitive within the graphical user interface. Of course other events, such as changes in weather, or a large percentage of male or female visitors, can be used as a trigger for changes in content as well. And we are constantly adding to the possibilities, always incorporating different values and triggers into the control system. This way Dynamic Signage from Infracom360 remains truly dynamic!

Dynamic Visual Signage heightens customer attention

Digital labelling replaces the traditional communication of paper posters.

How does this benefit you?

  • Use of different screen sizes and types within one system: from individual and flexibly-placeable small, to remarkably large!
  • Use of different media, like videos, slideshows, or static images
  • Greater attention through moving content
  • Quickly change content, to convey information that meets the needs of your customers and guests
  • Automatic change of content (e.g. for offers dependent on time of day)
  • Simultaneous change in one location, or across multiple locations


The possible uses of our digital customer communication system are virtually unlimited:

  • RETAIL: digital posters indoors and outdoors, shop window posters, information displays, customer orientation system, combined price labelling on large-area displays, acoustic information, and much more
  • GASTRONOMY: digital menu boards, information displays, reservation information, place labels, digital shop window posters, acoustic information, and much more
  • HOTEL: digital posters indoors and outdoors, shop window posters, information displays (e.g. in the reception or wellness area), customer orientation system, acoustic information, and much more
  • TRAINING FACILITIES: digital posters indoors and outdoors, shop window posters, information displays, customer orientation system, acoustic information, and much more


We believe that, for ideal digital customer information, maximum flexibility and equal simplicity are the basic requirements for the successful use of Dynamic Signage.

With Dynamic Signage from Infracom360, you can easily control all dynamic content and displays within one clear user interface!

eInk displays: highly flexible and reliable

These are small to medium sized displays (up to 12.2 inch screen diagonal), that are used without an external power supply and without cabled signal transmission. This makes them especially suitable for use as information displays – for example in service areas, reception areas, in gastronomy and hotels.

Your benefits:

  • Flexibly placeable
  • Constantly up to date
  • Low maintenance
  • Long battery life (up to 5 years)

Large Format Displays

With ePlay from Infracom360, you can integrate displays via an HDMI connection: from LCD displays to giant LED video walls.

Your benefits:

  • Attention-grabbing communication of information, offers and prices
  • Moving images and dynamic content, for example through the combination of weather information and wellness offers on one screen
  • Large-format price labelling in combination with information on the daily special
  • Only power supply necessary
  • Easy integration of existing monitors via ePlay
  • Minimal data transfer, as content is stored on ePlay
  • Playback works even if WLAN should fail or be overloaded

Stand-Alone Digital Signage Solution: Welcome Manager

In addition to the fully integrated Digital Signage monitor, Infracom360’s Welcome Manager offers further optional features:

  • Automatic access management (COVID19) for managing the flow of visitors
  • Hygiene Station: contactless disinfectant dispenser, paper towel dispenser
  • Catalog dispenser
  • And much more

For more detailed information on the Welcome Manager, click here.


We believe that Dynamic Signage must fulfil one thing: support you, without tying up your resources.

Plug & Play

Plug in and get started. Installation has to be that simple. We make sure it is, because we think of the effort you put in during development.

  • Simple start-up without interference of your IT infrastructure
  • No additional hardware or software
  • Simple control of branch operations through a secure Cloud solution
  • Swift scalability when opening new locations
  • Remote maintenance via the Cloud

Easy Handling

The clear and intuitive user interface ensures that you can use Dynamic Signage without extensive training.


In addition to Dynamic Signage, you can also control digital customer communication in a shared user interface, such as:

Get started digitally

We would be happy to support you in optimally utilizing digitalization in your stationary business. Take advantage of the opportunities available now from the stationary use of digital customer communication, perfectly tailored to your business.

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