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Careful and comprehensive planning is essential for the success of any construction project. This applies not only to planning in the sense of effective project management, but to all planning services.


A general planner assumes responsibility for all planning services opposite the client as the clients sole contact person: from the draft and approval plan to the implementation planning and preparation of all relevant documents. Subsequently, all necessary specialised planners are organized, such as building technology and building physics specialists.

The advantages for the client are clear. He essentially only needs to enter into a contractual relationship with the general contractor, and has direct communication with one reliable contact person. 

We are the right partner to relieve you in this area, and to free you up for any of the other numerous tasks pertinent to the course of challenging construction projects.  

Services at a glance

  • Sole contact partner for building owners
  • Responsible for all planning services
  • Coordination of all planning team parties  
  • Preliminary planning and design
  • Design planning
  • Authorization planning 
    • Submission plan, business registration
    • Preparation of required authorization documents
    • Support with official procedures
    • Participation in licensing negotiations
  • Implementation planning
    • Fully developed solution plans
    • Construction schedule


A construction project always carries the potential for unexpected events and the often associated cost overruns.

Regardless if for planning, construction supervision or execution: well prepared procurement procedures can greatly reduce the potential for these risks.

We support you, if so desired, both in the preparation and execution of tenders and awarding procedures.

Preparation of Proposals 

  • Specification of services
  • Preparation of service specifications based on prevailing plans
  • Quantity determination
  • Preparation of proposal documents for all trades
  • Functional specifications
  • Creation of fulfilment schedule

Awarding Participation

  • At the opening offer
  • At negotiations
  • At examination and evaluation of offer 
    • Audit report
    • Price comparison
  • At the contract award decision
  • Upon the completion of the procedure


No construction site can do without a site manager. Their area of responsibility generally focuses on all aspects of the execution of a construction project. They are not only accountable for smooth performance, but also for the compliance with guidelines concerning the safety of all on-site employees. 

A construction supervisor usually takes over monitoring and supervisory tasks. Thereby representing the direct interests of the building owner and not the operating construction company. This is often associated with the authority over the premises to the benefit of the client.


Infracom360 is your experienced and competent partner for expert enforcement of the following construction supervision tasks:

  • Construction supervision und coordination
    • Quality
    • Professional execution
  • Schedule and cost tracking
  • Representation of your interests
  • Exercise of the owner’s rights on the construction site
  • Auditing
  • Takeovers and approvals
  • Damage detection and follow-up
  • Documentation

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